Pet Cremations is an offsite crematory that is owned and managed by the same staff that manage Pet Emergency Treatment. Pet Cremations was created and is owned by area veterinarians to ensure high quality control. Pet Cremations has been serving the Anchorage veterinary community since 1992, therefore, we have many years of experience in caring for your pet with the utmost dignity.

We offer private cremations where the animals are cremated individually and the owner receives their pet’s ashes back. These ashes are returned in a timely manner in a beautiful decorative tin urn with the pet’s name on it. If you would like an upgraded urn you can choose one on our website or at Pet Emergency Treatment on the corner of Lake Otis & Dowling. We are always perceptive to your needs should you have special requests. At times owners have brought in flowers or a special toy to be cremated with their pet, or a poem to be read at the time of cremation.

We also offer group cremations where the pets are not cremated individually. These ashes are taken to an environmentally friendly site where they are recycled into flowers to help beautify the earth once again in a different form.

Pet Cremations does pick up at most of the veterinary clinics in Anchorage, Palmer, and Wasilla. You may ask your veterinarian if they are one of them. If not, we are happy to pick your pet up from your veterinarian at your request. We offer many designs, shapes and sizes for our free tins and we also have a large selection of beautiful urns for sale. We at P.E.T. understand it is a difficult time for you and we want to make the process as smooth as possible. We feel that you should know about the options available to you.

If you have any questions about our crematory, please call Laura during the day, M-F, at P.E.T.: 274-5636.

Grief is a normal reaction to losing a beloved pet. The website, has a list of books, grief counselors, and support which may help you find healing as you journey through your grief.

NEWWe now have our own Grief and Comfort board for you to share your grief, your sorrow, and the love of your life. You are not alone and we wish you comfort and solace in your time of need.


Crematory Specialist
Ruth MacDonald

Ruth is a second generation dog fancier from Detroit. She is a member in good standing of the Bull Terrier Club of America. Ruth operates P.E.T.’s crematory service, Pet Cremations, and gives caring cremation services to your loved ones; including a prayer over each animal as she places him/her in the crematorium. Running the crematory takes a combination of strength, compassion, and sensitivity, and Ruth has them all. Ruth breeds, trains, shows, and loves bull terriers. Currently, she has Red Bull (a championship show dog), the rescued sweety Hank, and is tortured by the antics of Mia who she nicknamed The Mistress of Darkness for all her trouble-making. In her free time Ruth loves making people laugh.

Pet Urns

It is never too late to purchase a memorial for your beloved pet. For your peace of mind, we would be glad to make the transfer from another urn to one of our memorial urns should you find one with us that you like better.

Feel free to take as much time as you need browsing privately through our website and give us a call with your order whenever you are ready. Or optionally, you are welcome to come in to Pet Emergency Treatment any time it’s convenient for you, day or night, to see our selection in-person.

Pet Cremations is happy to announce these services:


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